Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hello my name is Robert Summers (a.k.a WILLEYWORKS). I am a creator of images. All types of images. 
I have started this Patreon to try and escape an art life of straight commissioned pieces. Although I love doing commissions I feel the lack of artistic freedom that comes with them have kept me from experimenting and pushing the envelope to the point of self-improvement. If you dig what I do please consider making a monthly pledge to support me in my quest of making actual ORIGINAL work and join me as I grow as an artist. All of the rewards will be original hand draw or painted works. No prints, No digital works. All original, All the time. 
Thank you to those of you who participated in 2016. It really showed me what I was capable of. I am going to change it up this year a bit and try to be a little more interactive. If you like what I do but are not into the darker side of things let me know. I will not be using this account to take on commission work but if you give me a theme that you are really into I will gladly run with it and make sure that you get original work based on your likes. I still love doing fan art based on comics, movies and pop culture.
Also this year I will be posting a lot of Patreon exclusive content, videos, processes, discount deals, give-a-ways, and first pick on non Patreon pieces before they go on sale on my site. This exclusive content will only be available to Patreons who pledge $1 or more. 
If you have pledged in the past, plan on pledging in the future or just share this with others, thank you so much. Your support helps me on more levels than you will never know. 
If you are curios of the types of art I can produce just check out the gallery on my website or my Instagram. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

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